Bigfoot vs. Yeti - The Battle Begins 10/24

Shoot Again Games announced today that their latest creation, Bigfoot vs. Yeti, will be heading to Kickstarter on October 24th. Known for producing games with unconventional themes and unique, compelling mechanics, Bigfoot vs. Yeti seems unlikely to disappoint fans of their previous work. Shoot Again Games previous games include Looting Atlantis in which players loot the sinking isle of Atlantis, Conspiracy! where everyone are conspiracy theorists trying to prove their pet conspiracy and Pinball Showdown where players take on the role of the pinball during multi-ball.

Bigfoot vs. Yeti is steeped in the mystery of various unknown creatures and strange phenomenon. The game is born out of Nick and Diane Sauer's love for such television shows  as In Search of..., Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World and Monster Quest. Mothman, Chupacabra, Crop Circles, Alien Autopsy Films are just few of the strange things found in Bigfoot vs. Yeti.

In Bigfoot vs. Yeti players are an up and coming cryptozoologists mounting expeditions in the hopes of proving the existence of unknown creatures such as Bigfoot, Yeti, The Loch Ness Monster, the Jersey Devil or Extraterrestrials. Their ultimate goal is to gain fame and fortune by being the first cryptozoologist credited with the actual discovery of a new species, making you world famous. Somehow though they have all also landed themselves smack dab in the middle of feud between Bigfoot and Yeti so it's time for each to choose a side as it will help shape the fate of their research and ultimately their success!

Bigfoot vs. Yeti is easy to learn with an abundance of strategy. It will be on Kickstarter starting October 24th and running through November 21st. For more information on it and to get yourself a copy of the game go to

Number of players: 2-4

Time required: 30-45 minutes

Recommended ages: 13+

Diane Sauer