Looting Atlantis

Looting Atlantis


With the eruption of its volcano imminent, the age of Atlantis is at an end. With little time left before extinction, most of its citizens have already fled the dying city...except for you. The age of Atlantis is at an end, but your Golden Age is just beginning!

In Looting Atlantis, you and a few other enterprising Atlanteans take to the skies in air cars in the hopes of plundering your way into fame and fortune! Dodge lava flows, steal abandoned technologies, and then use those technologies to ensure your place among the future royalty of the new age! In the city of Atlantis, your fate is determined only by your ability to outwit and outplay whoever stands in your path to glory.

Atlantis is passing into the realm of myth. Will you sink into obscurity with it...or will you rise into legend?

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